Adopt Me Monday – On Tuesday April 22nd

It’s Adopt Me Monday, which happens to actually be a Tuesday because yesterday was a holiday! Happy Belated Easter to Everyone too from Rolo and I! I went up to the shelter on Monday to visit al the animals, I brought treats in which had to be approved first before I gave them to the animals. Most of them recognise me so that I don’t even have to hold up the treat anymore they just know to sit and that they will get a treat. Smart Dogs! The very bottom photo right hand photo I am quite proud of. It’s Spock and he happens to look like a baby black panther in the photo, he happened to be doing some cat yoga stretching out and flexing his nails. So Cute!

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4
photo 5
This is only a little smidge of all the animals up at the Fort McMurray Spca, Be sure to go up there and visit with them, they love company! They are located at 155 MacAlpine Crescent in Gregoire(Fort McMurray, AB).
Phone Number: 1-780-743-8997.
*Adopt Don’t Shop!

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Thursday Spotlight – Animal Author Interview – My Animal Myself

*What is the name of the book?
My latest book is My Animal My Self: A Breakthrough Way to Understand How You and Your Animal Reflect Each Other

*Who is filling out this interview?
Marta Williams, the author

*What is your involvement with this book?


*How was the book started and what was your inspiration?

The idea for this book came about because as a practicing Animal Communicator I was seeing every day how the things that were going on with my animal clients were reflective of similar or identical issues occurring for their people. Over many years I realized that our animals reflect us in all aspects of our lives, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, but that the process is so subtle that no one sees it and no one has written about it or analyzed it. Therefore this book is a pioneer in its field.

*When was it released?
June 2013

*What is the cost of the book?

*Who was it published by?
New World Library, Novato, CA

*Who was it written by?
Marta Williams

*Who was it illustrated by?
The pictures in the book were largely supplied by the people whose stories are featured

*Where can someone get a copy of this book?
My Animal My Self is available online, at bookstores and signed copies may be obtained from the author via her website

*What is the book about?
Here is a review by Carol Upton… use all or part, but credit her

My Animal, My Self: A Breakthrough Way to Understand How You and Your Animal Reflect Each Other
Marta Williams
New World Library, 2013
Trade Paperback / E-book, $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-60868-169-3
Available at  or on Amazon
Reviewed by Carol M. Upton

“Animals will respond to your emotional state, even if you think you are hiding your feelings and not displaying them outwardly.  Animals are masters at connecting intuitively – they know everything we think and feel.” ~ Marta Williams

The focus of My Animal My Self is mirroring – the ways in which our animals reflect our own emotions, life situations, and even our physical state back to us. The premise behind the book is that animals know what we are thinking and feeling at all times; they cannot divorce themselves from our reality and so become inextricably involved in it.

This enlightening book reveals how our animals are frequently unrecognized healers and teachers for us. It is full of stories that will show you how animals mirror people: a cat who acted up when her person was working too hard, a horse who by being a bully helped her human learn to set boundaries in her life, a dog who helped his person heal emotionally, and a horse who was instrumental in getting a depressed woman to recommit to staying alive. Our animals can teach us how to live in the present, overcome fear, and be in our power. Author Marta Williams contends that if you search for it you can observe how your animals are showing you what is out of balance in your life – emotionally, mentally, physically and/or spiritually. Animal lovers looking for life-changing insight into the hidden aspects of their relationships with their animals will find what they seek in this indispensable book.

Williams offers a clear, detailed explanation of this little-understood dynamic, and gives the reader the analytical tools for discovering mirroring in animals, past and present, and for addressing any interactions that may be less than optimal.  She has created a book that leads us into one exciting discovery after another. The best part is that we don’t have to be professional animal communicators to access these remarkable gifts from our animals. What they are telling us about mirroring is clearly available with a little analysis on our part. Once we become aware of it, we will see it everywhere.

Through reading this book, those studying or practicing animal communication will expand their knowledge into a new world of deeper connection. All readers will discover what animals teach us through mirroring and how we can restore balance in our relationships with them. This book promises a consciousness shift that will surely change our lives and our animals’ lives, and possibly the life of our planet, for the better.

Marta Williams is a biologist, author and animal communicator who lives in Northern California. She teaches worldwide and via teleclass, and offers consultations for animals and their people by phone, Skype and email. My Animal My Self is Marta’s fourth book published by New World Library.

*How many pages is the book?

*What age group is the book targeted to?
Adults and teens

*Social Media Contacts (fill in):
Twitter: @MartaWms

*Marta’s Other Books:
-Learning Their Language
-Beyond Words
-Ask Your Animal

Marta Williams, a Biologist, Author, and Animal Communicator, has written four books on animal communication including, My Animal My Self, Ask Your Animal, Beyond Words, and Learning Their Language, She lives in Northern California, classes in person and via teleclass, travels to teach worldwide, and provides consultations for animals and their people by phone, Skype, and email. Website:

*Do I have permission to copy this to my blog? Yes

*Do I have permission to use the photos you provided me with? Yes

Wagging Wednesday – LOST

Lost Animal, words no one want to ever see. Here in Fort McMurray the facebook pages, bulletin boards and all over kijiji are plastered with missing animals. I as a overprotective dog mom would not sleep until my Rolo was found. I want to put on this blog post ways you can stop your animals from going missing or what to do if you animal does unfortunately go missing.

What can you as a responsible pet owner do to stop your animal from getting out. First off if you have a yard you should be inspecting it all the time to make sure there aren’t any dig holes or loose boards or items against the fence that allows the animal to jump up and over, you would be surprised how high animals can jump. As your animal is outside doing their business why not peek out the window and watch what they are up to, are they digging? trying to get out? leisurely walking around? or acting all crazy? Even thou Rolo would never run away I still always watch him to make sure he goes to the washroom while he it outside and make sure he doesnt get into anything.

dog holes

If you have an animal that likes to bolt out the door think about getting  a baby gate at your stairs and close it behind you before you open the door up, just as you would do with a walking or crawling child. Dont just do it once, do it every time you go to leave, someone comes over, make it a routine that’s how dogs learn faster, also use positive reinforcement with praise or treats to let them know they are doing a good job. Possibly in the future you may be able to take that gate down and your dog will know to stay there because if they do they will get praise or treats.


If you have a cat that like to go outside and wander why not put a harness on it and put it on a leash doesn’t have to be a 6ft leash it can be a clothesline with a running leash attached or even a stake in the ground with a wire cord on it (you can purchase at walmart for cheap)
cat leash
Do you really want your animal out gallivanting in other people’s properties that might report it to your local animal control or take it in and you will never see it again? If that’s the case maybe you shouldnt have had an animal in the first place. If you animal is outside you should have a collar on it at all time with a city licence and a tag with your name and a phone number on it that works (can purchase at FMSPCA, Bone & Biscuit and many other animal stores). I have seen so many pets out with their parents without tag on them, I hope that they did another method of identification like microchipping or ear tattoo. All of these things can help your animal get back to you if it goes lost.

What do you do when you notice your animal is missing. First off call your local animal control and report it, make sure you give an exact description (any significant marking, color of collar, approx weight, breed, name) Drop off a photo or email a photo too! If I was to report Rolo missing and say he was a german shep most people wouldn’t think he is a normal german shep as he has a completely different body type (which is the husky in him). So be specific! Go on social media and start posting photos (good ones not them wearing clothes or sleeping) an alert photo that shows the entire face and body is best. Make an account on petlynx and all your animal to it as it’s the most widely used missing pet website! It also allows your to print out a final copy where you can hang on bulliton board.

I really hope you share this page to enlighten people on how you CAN stop your animal from gettng out. Stop making excuses about your animal and do something about it. If you animal always likes to get out maybe look into some training classes or read up about how you can train your own animal.

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Tuesday Spotlight – Terry Cohoe

*Your Name?
Terry Cohoe

*Where are you from?
Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

*Animals(s) (Age, Breed & Name)?
Libby, Rottweiler, 17 months

*Interesting Facts About Your Animal(s)?
She has the longest tongue of any dog I know and it always seems to be lolling out. She loves a good massage with coconut oil and essential oils. Also, she is always, always, always happy.

*Animal(s) Favorite Treat?
Hmmm,..she loves dried lung and fresh tripe, but her all time favourite is cheese. I’ve often said that if she gets away, I won’t call her name, I’ll just yell ‘cheeeeeeese’.

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick?
I will say “mommy kiss” and Libby will give me a great big wet smooch. (I guess that’s my favourite trick).

*Where is your pet(s) favorite place to go?
To grams’ house to lounge on the deck in the summer. Somebody is always dropping something yummy to eat.

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue?
Libby was the only dog we have had that was not adopted through rescue. We wanted to experience having a puppy and raising her from the start. Frankly, I love that girl to pieces, but we won’t be doing that again. We will go back to rescuing when we are ready to add to our family. We are also considering fostering

*What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog (walks, going to a park, playing games etc.)?
Libby is game for anything: hiking, obedience training, dog park, visiting grams’ house, you name it.

*Favorite Quote?
“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Maya Angelou

*Favorite website to get pet information?
Dogs Naturally Magazine

*Do your animal(s) love to go for car rides?
Oh yeah, nothing better.

*What’s your favorite animal product?
Oh that’s a tough one. I love our Outward Hound backpack for hiking so Libby can carry her own water. There is also a 3-foot rope toy that is irreplaceable for a great game of tug. And a raised dog feeder so she doesn’t have to bend all the way to the ground to eat.

*Why do you think volunteering at an animal rescue/shelter is important?
There are so many dogs that are in unfortunate circumstances, obviously through no fault of their own. These dogs deserve to have a chance to live the rest of their lives in a happy situation. Fostering, sponsoring, dog walking, visiting are all ways to help a dog become more adoptable and in so doing, get him/her a step closer to adoption. We are planning on fostering in the future

*Anything extra you would like to add?
Libby is an avid Boston Bruins hockey fan and loves to curl up beside mom on game nights to watch them win. She is about to start her third round of obedience training and is working really hard on not jumping on people.

*Do I have permission to copy this to my blog?: sure

*Do I have permission to use the photos you provided me with?: sure

photo (26)
photo (28)
photo (29)
The Girls

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Walk To Stop Animal Abuse April 13th, 2014

Yesterday was the 3rd annual Walk To Stop Animal Abuse and our 3rd time raising money for it. This year we decided not to do the actual walk but hangout at the start/finish and hand out cookies from the Bone & Biscuit- Thickwood to all of the people who finished. This year I am happy to say Rolo and I raised $520 for the Isabella Paws Fund which goes to the care of abused and neglected animals in the region. There was such a great turn out this year with so many people and dogs in sight. I am so excited to hear the announcement to how much money they raised at the walk! See you all next year!

Also if you suspect or see any form of animal abuse please don’t be scared and do report it, you could save that animal’s life! CALL 9-1-1 !!

Here are some photos from the walk yesterday!

PicMonkey Collage2
PicMonkey Collage1

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Fundraise Friday – PetValu Adoption Event & Walk to Stop Animal Abuse

It’s the most beneficial day of the week, Fundraise Friday! This weekend there are 2 great events going on that if you happen to be in Fort McMurray you should attend! If you can’t attend theyre are always other ways you can help out like sign-up for the PAWS monthly donation program, it automatically donates an amount of money monthly to the FMSPCA in any denomination $5, 10, 50, 100 anything you want! Form is located here:

First up we have the PetValu Adoption event. This Saturday from 10am-5pm the Fort McMurray SPCA will be live on location to answer your questions, help you find your perfect pet, sell shelter swag and so much more. I encourage you to stop on by!

petvalu logo

Have you driven past a Pet Valu Lately? I have and their windows have Blue paw prints plastered all over the windows! Those Paws represent someone who has donated money to their April Pet Appreciation Month Campaign. 100% of the proceeds stays in your community that you donate to. This is happening at all of the PetValu’s around the world so if you have one in your community stop by! I will be getting Rolo a blue paw print this weekend!

pet valu

Next up is Sunday which happens to be the Third Annual Walk To Stop Animal Abuse which will be taking place on the thickwood trails and starting at the Gazebo on Thicket Drive (map below). Help spread awareness of animal abuse and help put a STOP to it!!

map for walk

At 10am is registration, after will be speeches and then the walk will start at 11am down the thickwoodtrails. I would wear some type of boot as I’m not sure how the weather will be and could be a little mucky back there. Pledge forms can be found here: as well as at the event at registration (10am)

ALSO at this event you can stop by the registration table and get a teal ribbon! The FMSPCA is proudly participating in the national TEAL Campaign. Purchase a teal ribbon at our Walk to End Animal Abuse on Sunday April 13, 2014 or at the shelter and show you support adoption and a second chance for animals in our region. OPT TO ADOPT- all funds raised go directly to the FMSPCA

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Thursday Spotlight – Irene Brennan

*Your Name?

*Where are you from?

*Animals(s) (Age, Breed & Name)?

*Interesting Facts About Your Animal(s)?

*Animal(s) Favorite Treat?

*Animal(s) Favorite Trick?

*Where is your pet(s) favorite place to go?

*Perspective on Adopting a Rescue?

*What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog (walks, going to a park, playing games etc.)?

*Favorite Quote?

*Do your animal(s) love to go for car rides?

*What’s your favorite animal product?

*Anything extra you would like to add?

*Do I have permission to copy this to my blog?: YES
*Do I have permission to use the photos you provided
me with?: YES
reilly santa closeup
reilly swim 2
zeke swim 1

Reader Rescue Story: Zeke and Reilly
It takes a remarkable person to rescue a special-needs dog, let alone two dogs with special needs, but that’s exactly what Irene Brennan and her husband did. They took in a Golden Retriever suffering from Seizures, and when a Sussex Spaniel with the same problem needed a home, they stepped up again and gave that dog a loving furever home, too. We hope you enjoy reading their story as much as we did.

If you’re the pet parent of a rescued dog, we want to share your story, too. You just might inspire someone else to save a life! For information about submitting your rescue tale, Submit them here:



We Are Blessed to Have Two Special-Needs Dogs
By Irene Brennan

Our story begins in March 2008 when we rescued a 4-year-old Golden Retriever from a single-parent family that was hiding him in the basement of a “no pets allowed” apartment complex.

Zeke, as he is now named, was a wild child with no discipline whatsoever. He was born in an Amish puppy mill, so we had questions from the beginning.

About two months after taking Zeke into our home, he had his first seizure. We weren’t sure if he had a history of them prior to his coming into our lives, but it was the first time we had ever experienced anything like this. We had just lost our 6-year-old Golden Retriever to cancer.

Zeke was having seizures once a month, but they ranged from very mild to severe. We changed vets and found a holistic vet about a half hour from our home. Currently, Zeke is on a combination of Chinese herbs, phenobarbital and potassium bromide. At this time he has been seizure-free for three months.

In August 2011, we lost our 15-year-old Terrier mix, another rescue, who we had for eight years. Mickey and Zeke were best friends. Within a month, we decided to rescue another dog. We knew we wanted one with special needs. So after weeks of looking on and the like, I found a rescue on The ad said, “Free to a good home, 2-year-old Sussex Spaniel mix. Has special needs — seizures.” Our thought was — one dog with seizures, two dogs with seizures — we can handle this.

Reilly was living in a foster home. His original owner was a workaholic who kept him in a crate for 10 to 12 hours at a stretch. When this owner had his home foreclosed and had to move in with his elderly parents, the dog was not wanted.

In May 2011, Reilly had his first seizure and was put on phenobarbital. By August of the same year, Reilly was given to a friend who had other dogs and cats. Within three days, he started to have seizures again. His foster parents tried adopting him out three times, and each time he was returned because he had seizures within days. When we contacted his foster home and they learned that we were familiar with this type of special-needs dog, they were thrilled. A match made in heaven.


Our experience was limited to a dog with single seizures and now we have a new dog that has clusters of seizures. Big difference! Because of the number of seizures that Reilly was having, he was switched off phenobarbital to zonisamide. That worked for a while until we took both dogs on a road trip to Chicago and landed in the emergency room. The vet added potassium bromide to Reilly’s medication list.

That was just the beginning of our learning experiences with two dogs that suffer with seizures.

One day the two dogs got into a large loaf of white bread and then both had seizures within hours of each other. Then there was the time when Reilly had 10 seizures in 90 minutes. But knock on wood—he’s been seizure-free for almost a year now.

Yes, we’ve had our ups and downs, but they are the most loveable dogs and we wouldn’t change a thing. There’s a saying, “You may not get the dog you want, but you will get the dog you need.” We needed these dogs just as much as they needed us. They have brought such joy and happiness into our lives and the lives of our family and friends. God blessed us with Zeke and Reilly.

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