6 of The Best Animal Advent Calendars for Daycare Centers

animal advent calendars puppies - 6 of The Best Animal Advent Calendars for Daycare Centers

Christmas is a magical time of the year. It is a time for giving, sharing and celebrating. For a lot of kids in daycare, it could be more about sweets and chocolates. Which, of course, is the usual go-to advent calendar for many homes.

Most daycare centers also encourage children to participate in activities that include an advent calendar. If your child loves animals, we’ve got great news for you. Here, we share some of the best animal-themed advent calendars you could get for them this year.

Playin Choc Advent Calendar

This great calendar has something for everyone, even those little ones with a sweet tooth! It consists of 24 drawers that hold within it tiny organic chocolate, as well as a fantastic 3D animal puzzle. Kids will also be able to learn more about each animal as it comes with a fact card.

animal advent calendars numbers - 6 of The Best Animal Advent Calendars for Daycare Centers

Peppa Pig Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar

There is no denying that little ones love Peppa Pig, which means this option is great for most daycare kids. Behind every tiny door on the calendar, your little one will find a magical Peppa Pig-themed gift that is also tied to the days.

It is perfect for toddlers who are learning more about numbers.

The Animal Kingdom Advent Calendar

This is a true work of art that might only be appreciated by true animal lovers and little artists. It consists of a colorful range of numbered boxes, each holding a magically beautiful portrait of a specific animal.

While it may not contain any chocolates or sweets, it’s still a great educational option.

Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

Probably one of the most popular calendars amongst toddlers, this one is a great option for your curious little one who loves dogs. Each day of the countdown allows your little one to discover a special gift, which consists of one of the lovable characters from Paw Patrol.

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Advent Calendar

This is another timeless classic for just about any toddler out there. In fact, the entire daycare class will probably want to have one of these! It has over 50 tiny collectable gifts.

Your little one will also be able to create his own winter wonderland or Christmas scene with this awesome advent calendar.

DIY Reindeer Advent Calendar

And finally, why not keep with the Christmas theme and get little ones involved in making their own advent calendar? This one requires you to print out a couple of reindeer illustrations, which the kids can color in.

Next, you blow up the same number of red balloons which is placed on the reindeer’s noses. With each passing day, one balloon can be popped!

And there you have it! Six great ideas for your kids’ advent calendars this year at daycare. All these we’ve mentioned have animals at its core, which makes for more fun and engaging calendar.

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