5 Blogs That Will Make It Easier for You to Send Your Child to Daycare


Your little one is almost ready to start attending daycare, and you need to go back to work. This is probably the scariest process for any new mother to go through. Not only do you have to get used not being with your child every day, but you have to trust a bunch of strangers with him.

But alas, it is inevitable and you’ve decided that you are ready to take the plunge. After all, there are thousands, no, millions of mothers who’ve gone through this before.

In this post, we share our list of five great blogs that will help you with the transition process when sending your little one to daycare.

Feels Like Home


Are you having difficulty coping with the fact that your little one is growing up? Then Feels Like Home is a great blog for you. Tara Ziegmont tackles deeper issues including health and how to cope with the realities of motherhood.

Scary Mommy


On this blog, you’ll find millions of voices and opinions on the topic of motherhood. It’s a great source of information on typical motherhood issues, including sending your little ones off to daycare for the first time.

Mom Blog Society


The Mom Blog Society offers mothers from around the world the opportunity to engage and learn how to face the daily struggles of parenting and motherhood in general. It’s also packed with loads of advice and support.

A Mom’s Take


This is another blog that has guest writers and is considered one of the best motherhood blogs out there right now. It covers all aspects of motherhood and parenting, and you may find some handy tips on the transition process when you send your child to daycare.

Rookie Moms


Rookie Moms is the ideal place for new mommies to get guidance and support on their journey through motherhood. From dealing with postpartum depression to sending your firstborn to daycare or preschool, Rookie Moms has your back!

The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that you are not alone. And you’ll never feel that way once you start reading any one of these amazing blogs either. Doing so will definitely help you deal with the fact that your little one is going to daycare.

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