About Us

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Confessions of a Rescue Mom was founded by Langston Wyatt primarily to impart her knowledge and enlighten readers about living life rescuing dogs and other animals from the shelter.

It has since branched out and tackles other stuff that most moms do on a daily basis while adding a touch of fun to the truth which is our everyday lives.

What we aim to do

We strive to provide content that will make you chuckle – or LOL – at the very least while ensuring that our content proves to be beneficial. From tips and tricks to stuff that you will surely find interesting, we aim to provide it with all.

Confessions of a Rescue Mom believes that moms are the glue that holds everything together and with that in mind, we will strive to always keep the glue in perfect condition—whatever it takes.

What we expect from you

Hey, there’s no shame in wanting to spend some time on yourself, and we will ensure that when you spend time here, you will get nothing but the best content that will surely brighten your day.

Don’t get us wrong though, we all know how special our kids (and pets) are and just how they mean the world to us, but sometimes, we just need to get away even for a couple of minutes.

The takeaway

As mentioned above, we strive to provide nothing but good quality content with which we hope to impart some knowledge and valuable lessons to you, our dear readers.

So just sit back, relax, and let us do all the talking – I mean writing. Welcome to Confessions of a Rescue Mom.