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This website is dedicated to all mommas out there! We know that each and every one of you has her own story to tell. As we are all well aware, mothers go through a lot of “adventures” everyday which can make for an interesting read, and we would love to read them all! And then, of course, share them to the world!

Whether it is about a rescue pet, your child’s milestones, or what you cooked for dinner—we would love to hear it!You can send your storiesby contacting our team.

Help us build this community

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There seems to be an unspoken agreement between all the mommas in the world where we tend to help out (if we see or feel that) another momma is in distress. Watch out superheroes for the real heroes are here!

Anyway, what we’re trying to say is it would really be nice to hear from you moms, and that this community wouldn’t be complete without you.

Let’s try to make this world happier and safer

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We would like to remind everyone that this website doesn’t and wouldn’t condone any negative behavior. Please help us set a good example to our kids and to other persons, and let us show them why mommas are a force to be reckoned with.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

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Pets are one of the best things that can happen in our lives and here at Confessions of a Rescue Mom, we encourage everyone to help us spread the love for rescue animals by choosing to adopt and not shop for breeds.

Nothing but love for everyone

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This site is founded to discuss some serious parenting topics, such as how to send your child to daycare, and why it is so important. We cater to almost all sorts of parenthood things especially our children’s safety.

Nothing would ever make us happier than knowing that we have inspired you to become a better version of you.

That’s all that matter. So spread the love. And let’s build this lovely community together – one story at a time.